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December Birthstone - BLUE TOPAZ

People born on this month are divided into two zodiac signs, the Sagittarians and the Capricorns. The December birthstone is blue topaz or turquoise. Other secondary birthstones for this month are Tanzanite, Blue Zircon and Lapis Lazuli.

December babies are said to be optimistic, loves freedom, good-humored, straightforward, philosophical and intellectual. Sagittarians have the ability to adapt to changes in their environment. It is also a fire sign, which can also mean being hot-tempered and impatient.

On the other hand, those December babies under the Capricorn sign are patient and careful, practical and prudent.

Nevertheless, both Sagittarians and Capricorns have a common December birthstone which is the Blue Topaz. The Blue Topaz is said to have a calming effect to those people under this birthstone. It is also said that during ancient times, the Blue Topaz is used for healing. It was even said that it can make the person invisible in dangerous encounters or situations.It is good to know that the Blue Topaz is the December birthstone. Somehow, it can neutralize the hot-headedness and the impatient nature of Sagittarians. 

 December Birthstone

Birthstones are precious stones given as gifts for those people who are born on a particular month.

This tradition can be dated back from ancient times. Some base on a Gregorian calendar for the assigned birthstone, and some base the assignment of the birthstone depending on one’s Zodiac sign. There are also Mystical birthstones, traditional, modern, etc.

But as for the December birthstone, it is the blue topaz and the turquoise that tops the list.

Topaz is a mineral and is usually colorless. However, due to impurities, a topaz gemstone can be yellow, orange, pink or blue. The blue and the pink topaz are quite rate. Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means “heat” or “fire”, and also from an Arabic word which means “the subject of the search”.

Turquoise is another December birthstone. It is a blue-green, opaque mineral. It is a valuable and a rare gem which has been used since ancient times. The word “turquoise” is an Old French term for “Turkish”. The reason being is that this rare gem is brought to Europe from Turkey. This gemstone is very delicate that it only has a maximum hardness of 6 which is only a tad harder than a window glass.

Astrological signs and birthstones can be interesting and wonderful. However, one should not depend on these alone. Regardless of the sign and the birthstone, it is the person who will and who is controlling his destiny.  The birth signs and the birthstones are merely inspirations and guides.

It is he who has the sign and the stone who writes his future and his destiny; not the other way around.

Then again, a December birthstone like the topaz and the turquoise are very lovely.

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