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February Birthstone - Amethyst


For those born in the month of February, the birthstone Amethyst will strengthen relationships and provide courage to wearers. Signifying peace, serenity and temperance, Amethyst’s lovely lavender hue will surely relax whoever admires the jewel. The Amethyst lends such comfort and protection, that it was believed in ancient times to be a “sobriety stone”; preventing drunkenness and treating alcoholism.



Amethyst is known as the traditional birthstone. With traits associated with inner strength, sincerity and courage- it is unsurprising that those born in the month of February are independent, inventive and likely to be humanitarians. The jewel’s lilac hue is sure to lend courage to those in need of stability.



Amethysts were long-prized and desired throughout ancient times, at a certain point in history only royalty were permitted to wear these lavender gems. The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning a “remedy against drunkenness”. Ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone would protect the wearer from the addictions of alcoholism and intoxication.

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