How to use a watch list to your advantage:

What Is A Watch List

A watch list helps you keep track of items in a current auction. This gives buyers an opportunity to get the best deals and avoid missing out on some great items. When you find an item in an online auction that you are interested in, you can bid on the item and place it in your watch list so you can keep track of it, or just place the item in your watch list and bid when you are ready. You can easily keep track of all your items of interest in one place.

How You Can Benefit

Adding items to a watch list will let you keep an eye on the items. If you bid right away you may be the winner of your item at a very low price if no one outbids you.

If others begin to bid, you can easily place another bid to outbid the current winner. This makes it easier to follow the activity of your items and rebid when necessary.

How It Works

By having the item or items on your watch list, you can monitor the items rather than look for them amongst the other items. They are easily accessible.

You can keep an eye on your items until the last moments of the auction and be ready to outbid anyone who tries to win an item from your list.

Ready To Start?

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