Many amateur investors think of stocks and bonds as the best form of investment. The truth is, it is always in your best interested to keep your investment portfolio diversified and one smart way to do this is by investing in gold. You can rest better at night knowing your whole future is not tied into one type of investment.

Major advantages to investing in gold:

-Liquidity: Gold bars, gold coins, and gold jewelry are almost always in demand and it is quite easy to find gold buyers throughout the world and on the internet, making gold something you can convert to cash very quickly.

-Diversity:  Because the price of gold is not directly linked to the price of stocks. In recent history the price of gold has often been at its highest when stocks have plummeted

-Holds Value: Gold tends to hold its value over time. Because gold is a commodity with a fixed amount available, it cannot be over produced.

-Practical Uses: Gold is a commodity actually used in creating many consumer goods such as jewelry and electronics. This keeps a demand on gold which is very good for those who have it.

-Collectability: Many forms of gold, particularly coins and jewelry have a collectible value to them and rarity. This will drive the value of those items far beyond the gold value of the item.

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