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United States Mint Reveals American Palladium Eagles

The United States Mint will grow its fine bullion coinage series the American Eagles catalog. The Eagle series will now include coins struck in the precious metal Palladium. This new Eagle follows the introduction of Gold and Silver Eagles in 1986 and Platinum Eagles in 1997. This coin was authorized by Congress in 2010, but the logistics have delayed its production till now.

This new series will begin with obverse and reverse designs attributed to Adolph Weinman from the early 20th century. Collectors will immediately recognize the obverse as the image from a Mercury Dime and the reverse (which is not so recognizable) from a Medal he designed for the American Institute of Architects in 1907.

The new coin will be released in a denomination of $25 and will be struck in Brilliant Uncirculated finish for 2017 with a Proof version expected in 2018. This 1 ounce coin will be fashioned of .9995 pure Palladium which is a regularly traded precious metal, it is 15 times more rare than platinum and 30 times more than gold. 80% of the worlds Palladium supplies are mined in Russia and South Africa. Its main industrial use is in the the catalytic converters of automobiles.